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Walking from The Cherrybrook

The Cherrybrook is situated almost at the centre of the High Moor and you can walk straight out of the front door onto the moor. Apart from the adjacent small fields, all the land surrounding The Cherrybrook is common land which means that it is open access land for all walkers.

We are currently putting together a series of walks of various lengths that you can accomplish by walking directly from The Cherrybrook without the need for driving. These walks will take you to the local tors, woodlands and streams and will take from between 2 and 8 hours. None of the walks are difficult, although should you decide to climb any of the tors along these routes, then you must be prepared for scrambles of various difficulty.

Free maps are available for all of the walks listed here, together with easy to follow directions.

Although none of these walks can be described as difficult, the Dartmoor weather must be treated with respect. The weather can change from one extreme to the other very quickly and it is also quite common for mists to descend suddenly. All walkers should be prepared for these sudden changes of conditions and come equipped with warm waterproof clothing and footwear. A compass is also essential if the weather is such that a mist might descend.

Click on the various photos on this page for further details of each walk.