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Bellever Tor and The Powder Mills

Bellever Tor is one of the closest tors to The Cherrybrook being just 1.5 miles away. Although obscured from the front bedrooms by our trees, it is easily visible from the meadows in front of the house. Bellever Tor stands at 1,453' (443m) and offers extensive views over South Dartmoor.

This walk starts down the bridleway opposite The Cherrybrook and after traversing Muddilake moor crosses Muddilake Brook by a ford. Care is needed here as this can be fairly deep and a small detour may be needed to avoid wet feet.

The route takes you down to the Cherry Brook, (the river from which we take our name), and which is crossed by a road bridge, before heading directly towards Bellever Tor. All of the footpaths here are permissive paths not marked on the OS maps.

The top of Bellever Tor is split into two, separated by a small gulley. The two summits are almost identical in height but the one without the trig point is the easiest to scramble up. Both offer beautiful views across the moors and of Bellever Forest.

The walk then descends through Bellever Forest before arriving at the Powder Mills. The Powder Mills is the site of a former gunpowder factory that was built in 1844 on land originally belonging to Cherrybrook Farm. During the 18th century gunpowder was used for mining and quarrying in the area. However, with the invention of dynamite in 1867 and the decline of tin and copper mining, the powder mills closed in 1897.

Although the trees surrounding The Cherrybrook are clearly visible from the Powder Mills, a direct route back is not recommended as much of the intervening land is boggy and difficult to cross. Instead the footpath towards Longaford Tor must be followed until reaching higher land, when a direct route back to The Cherrybrook is possible.

This is a relatively easy walk of 6.5 miles (10.5km) and should take approximately 3 hours 30 minutes.

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